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Give the Warmth of Santa Barbara with a Cal Coast Adventures Gift Certificate

I always hated getting gift certificates when I was younger. As a kid, I thought that getting a gift certificate was a lazy excuse for a present. I didn’t realize how versatile they can be! Having cash is great because you can buy literally anything. But having a gift card somewhere makes up half your mind for you on where to spend your money! With a gift certificate from a company like Cal Coast Adventures, you have so many different options to choose from. They can cater to your every adventure need. You tell us what you want! You also are able to use our gift certificates at our sister companies; SB Bikes to Go and Santa Barbara Surf School. Between all of our companies, we have so many different options for you to choose from.

What Can I Do In Santa Barbara?

Do you know anyone who could benefit from a little warm-weather getaway this year? Why not suggest a trip to Santa Barbara and reward them with some wonderful outdoor experiences along the way? Santa Barbara gets nearly 300 days of sunshine every year! So come and enjoy our spectacular beaches and gorgeous mountains with a gift certificate valid for any of our adventures! We offer everything from coastal scenic tours from the water or land! Kayak Tours and Electric Bike Tours are some of our specialties, but we have plenty more options to suit your adventure needs.

Buying someone a Cal Coast Adventures gift card will be gifting them with an adventure of a lifetime, as they can use their gift certificate to put money towards any one of the incredible adventures that we offer. We sell our gift cards in increments of $25 with unlimited purchasing power. Our gift cards can be used for any adventure or rental that we offer. Our website is your menu for adventure! If you don’t spend all of your gift certificate balance at once, you can save the remaining balance for another day, or tip your tour guide, assuming you had a wonderful time!

When you are not participating in any of our adventures/rental experiences, Santa Barbara has plenty more to offer you. The Natural History Museum, located just behind the Santa Barbara Mission, is home to Chad, a 74 foot Blue Whale skeleton. You can walk underneath and get as close as you want to this beautiful exhibit. When you are done checking out the whale, make sure to stop by the Santa Barbara Mission’s Rose Garden.

Variety of Adventures

When you come to Cal Coast Adventures, we provide the equipment and private guides to customize adventures for every environment in Santa Barbara. In the water, we have lessons and tours for kayaking, surfing, and stand up paddling. The city bike tours we offer are on both our electric bikes, as well as hybrids that are specially designed to cruise around town. In the mountains, you can go for a mountain bike ride or guided hike. If you’re wanting to explore our scenic roads and get a great workout, we also have elite road biking tours. These road biking tours will include the use of one of our high-end full carbon road bikes.

Cal Coast Adventures Gift Certificate

Surfing Gift Certificate

Feel like learning something new? Check out our surf lessons and rentals! Our experienced instructors have been surfing here for years, if not their entire lives. We know the right breaks to check on different tides at different times of the year. Surf forecasting is a very important part of what we do at Cal Coast Adventures. We need to know the conditions so that you don’t need to worry! Call and ask for Elias, Brody, or Mitch to talk about which days would be best for taking a surf lesson or renting a surfboard or paddleboard. They are our experts when it comes to deciding where to surf. There are so many factors that interact to create good surf conditions. Unfortunately, when one factor isn’t quite favorable, the surf may not be very enjoyable.

Cycling Gift Certificate

If the ocean is a little too chilly for your liking, consider grabbing one of our bikes and exploring the Santa Barbara area on two wheels. Whether you want to cruise casually on a beach cruiser, add some speed with an electric bike, or ride a century, we’ve got you covered. I highly recommend doing an electric bike if this is your first time in Santa Barbara. This will give you the freedom and ability to check out nearly every part of Santa Barbara in a few hours. With a range between 30 and 50 miles, our electric bikes will keep you going further with less effort. Truly a perfect way to see all parts of Santa Barbara. Make sure to check in with us at the shop for any recommendations!

What Should I Do After My Gift Certificate Adventure?

Santa Barbara is a playground for kids, families, young adults, and old adults! For the little ones, think about checking out Moxi, which is an amazing exploration museum geared towards children learning about the sciences. If you are looking for excellent food and even better adult beverages, then head to the Funk Zone! There are more wineries and breweries than you can shake a stick at, and the energy of the Funk Zone is always perfect.

Cal Coast Adventures is truly your one-stop-shop for everything Santa Barbara has to offer outside. A gift certificate is a perfect way to make sure your loved ones can get adventurous this holiday season. Make sure to ask us for more personalized recommendations when you get here; all of us have different preferences and are always happy to share our insight into the best parts of Santa Barbara to explore.

Before you conclude your trip to Santa Barbara, make sure to check out Dart Coffee in the Funk Zone. Their specialty drinks are not filled with exorbitant amounts of sugar, and they roast their own beans. Their quality control is literally at their own fingertips. Once you get your coffee order, make sure to check out the Dart Coffee Garden across from their coffee shop. This garden is filled with orange trees, garden seating, and multiple fireplaces that are lit around 8 AM morning. Cozy up with a good book or just enjoy the coffee in this beautiful urban garden. The Beach Brew is my favorite order, but the Coreno Cortado is delicious as well.

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