SB Best


The Best of Santa Barbara is best told by locals! Most of us here at Cal Coast Adventures grew up on the Central Coast of California. We love sharing our insider knowledge about some of the most interesting places to experience in the Santa Barbara area. This is not an exhaustive list and we encourage you to do your own explorations to find your place in our little slice of paradise. Next time you are in the shop feel free to ask us for more personalized recommendations as many of us have different tastes.

There are so many different angles to approach a trip to Santa Barbara. You could focus exclusively on Food, Beer/Wine, or Outdoor Adventures. Santa Barbara has all of this and MORE! I highly recommend grabbing an electric bike on your first day in town so you can explore different parts of SB and figuring out where you want to go for the rest of your trip. Ask us about our guided bike tours if you want a more personal experience!

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