Santa Barbara Surfboard Rentals

Surfboard & Wetsuit Rental Pricing

1 Day – $45

Each Additional Day – $25

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Beachside rental available in the Summer months by reservation only.

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Surfboard Rental Pricing

1 Day – $30

Each Additional Day – $15

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Beachside rental available in the Summer months by reservation only.

Contact us for more information.

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5’11 Surftech Channel Islands Average Joe

shortboard surfboard rental

Width: 22.375″
Thickness: 2.875″

Channel Islands Average Joe named “2014 SURFBOARD OF THE YEAR” by the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association! This board is simple, fun, and easy to ride. Full rails keep high volume in a short outline to increase wave count, make more sections, and have a blast. This surfboard is geared towards the things that makes surfing fun.

6’0 & 6’6 NSP Fish


Width: 20 7/8″
Thickness: 2 9/16″

This short board / fish has a broad nose and wide template combined with a shallow entry rocker enabling you to ride the smallest of waves. It’s generous proportion handles bigger riders than the 6’4″ length would normally support. Surprisingly fast and loose, this surfboard rental is a great option for those smaller to mid-size summer days in Santa Barbara. This short board is good for 2-7 foot waves. You’ll definitely be able to increase your wave count with this board over the traditional short board.

8'0 & 9’0 SurfTech Softtop Longboard

surfboard rental santa barbara

8’0 Dimensions:

Width: 21.5″

Thickness: 3.1″

9’0 Dimensions:

Width: 22.63″

Thickness: 3.25″


This is the best softtop surfboard on the market. Even an avid surfer would have a blast on this board. Our team has taken these out quite a few times and you can paddle into anything on them. This is a great surfboard rental for Santa Barbara’s smaller summer months. This board is even more stable than its 8’0 brother but can still move down the line. Great for smaller surf in Santa Barbara.

6'6, 7', 8' and 9' Storm Blade

7ft stormblade

6’6 Dimensions:

Width: 25.5″

Thickness: 4″

7’0 Dimensions:

Width: 22.63″

Thickness: 3.14″

8’0 Dimensions:

Width: 22.5″

Thickness: 3.26″

9'0 Dimensions:

Width: 24″

Thickness: 3.54″


The Storm Blade is a true foam soft top board with lots of buoyancy making it great for a beginner or a surfer looking to catch a lot of waves.  These boards are very easy to paddle and have the added safety of being soft. The shorter Storm Blades are great for days when the waves are picking up and the 8' board is great for any kind of day. These are all good boards if you’re looking for a surfboard rental in Santa Barbara.

8'6 NSP Hooligan

8'6 NSP Hooligan Surfboard

Width: 22″
Thickness: 2″ 7/8

This is one of our most versatile surfboard rentals for beginners and avid surfers alike. Even an avid surfer would have a blast on this board. This is a great Santa Barbara surfboard rental for those smaller summer months. Stable enough for a beginner and with it’s stiff bottom it’s fast down the line and turns with ease. This board is extremely durable, lightweight, and guaranteed fun!

9’6 The Mod Longboard


Width: 23″
Thickness: 3.25″

The MOD is a modern 2+1 longboard that does it all! The bottom has a concave bow for plenty of lift while on the nose. Flat belly with a vee-ed out double concave through the tail. This board is a pleasure off of the back foot and is an incredible noserider. Traditional Poly surfboard construction.

Rent a Boogie Board!

Boogie boards are great for people of all ages. These boards are a fun way to enjoy the water and waves. Boogie boards are smaller than surfboards and easier to travel with. These boards are made of light foam that makes them durable and buoyant.

Boogie Board Rental Rates:

  • $15 for the first day and $10 every day after that

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Feeling up for the challenge of surfing on your own or already have some surf experience?  Cal Coast Adventures has got your Santa Barbara surfboard rentals covered! We carry a variety of longboards and shortboards that you can choose from.  The Santa Barbara area is home to several of the best point breaks in California as well as playful beach breaks.

The most famous spot in Santa Barbara for advanced surfers is Rincon Point, known as “The Queen of the Coast”.  There are plenty of options for beginner and intermediate surfers as well, including Leadbetter Point, which is just minutes from our shops front door!

Typically, the surf in Santa Barbara is best during the winter months. However, good surf can be found within a 20 minute drive most of the year. Our surf crew will help get you to the best waves for your ability level and let you know where the best surf conditions are each day. The ability to swim is required for all surf rentals.

Stop by our storefront at 736 Carpinteria Street in Santa Barbara or give us a call and we’ll get you in the water in no time!

We also offer surf lessons year round!

Surfboard Rental Includes:

– Surfboard or Boogie Board

– Wetsuit

– Optional Straps for Transport

Surf Board Wetsuit and Board rentals
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