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Santa Barbara Tours

Santa Barbara is a unique destination that offers fun land/water activities for all ages. Taking a Santa Barbara Tour is the perfect way to experience the breathtaking beauty, and also learning local knowledge on the unique places that this city has to offer. With the Santa Ynez mountain range hugging the coastline, Santa Barbara has a wide variety of activities/tours that will allow you to find the perfect tour suited for you. From kayak tours around the harbor to exploring the city on an electric bike, taking a tour in Santa Barbara will leave you with an experience you won’t forget!

Santa Barbara Leisure Tours

If you are looking to sit back and relax during your time in Santa Barbara, there are plenty of easy-going tours that are suited for you. These family-friendly tours will allow you to grasp a better understanding of Santa Barbara while seeing the true beauty this city has to offer.

Electric Bike Tours

Electric Bike Tours

Here at Cal Coast Adventures, our most popular tour is the Electric Bike Tour. The Electric Bike Tour is meant for all ages and ability levels. Truly the most fun (and easiest!) the family tour we offer. Our guide will take you along the coastline of Santa Barbara, pointing out landmarks, sharing the history of Santa Barbara, as well as a few personal anecdotes as well! The tour also makes its way to downtown Santa Barbara as well as into parts of SB that you might never find without us. Each of our guides has a unique style to their Electric Bike Tours so ask for someone new the next time you join us! We offer three different types of Electric Bike Tours.

We offer private Electric Bike Tours at 10 AM and 2 PM which are typically between 2.5 and 3 hours. Our Group Electric Bike Tour can be booked every day at 2 PM. The final option on the electric bikes is our newest addition; the Beach E-Bike Tour.  In the Beach Bike Tour, we get to ride ON THE SAND through some secret beaches of Santa Barbara that you would never find beach bike tour on rad rover ebikeswithout us. This tour is only bookable at certain times as we need a low enough tide to get around certain areas along the water. These Electric Bike Tours will have you walking away feeling like a Santa Barbara local!

Land Shark Tours 

The Land Shark Tour is a great way for the whole family to sit back and relax, as you board a boat that is designed to cruise on both land and water! This hour and a half narrated tour is a perfect way to see Santa Barbara at an easy-going pace. The tour will first take you around the heart of downtown Santa Barbara and the Waterfront area as you learn about historical landmarks and local attractions.  The second half of the tour will then take you out in the water along the Santa Barbara coastline. The boat enters the water at the Santa Barbara Harbor through the boat launch entrance. You will get to see the natural beauty of Santa Barbara’s coastline, while oftentimes being greeted by dolphins, seals, and sometimes even whales out in the water.Land Shark

This tour departs near State Street from Cabrillo Blvd. right next to The Stearns Wharf daily. It is best to visit their website and check the availability when booking this tour. The Land Shark offers this as a group and private tour. For Private tours, it is best to call in advance and reserve a private time for your group. The private tour is bookable for up to 46 passengers with the option of a food and beverage service. The Private tour is a great way to celebrate a birthday, a special event, or just to enjoy a relaxing sunset cruise with family and friends. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this entertaining and relaxing tour that will leave you with a better understanding of this beautiful city.

Santa Barbara Horseback Beach Rides

A great way to make your vacation to Santa Barbara a trip you won’t forget is to cruise along the beach and coastline on an amazing horseback beach ride. This Horseback Beach Tour was listed on CNN as one of the top three things to do in Southern California. You don’t want to miss out on this awesome experience!  ThisHorseback Tours easy-paced tour allows you to venture along Santa Barbara’s beautiful coastline. This tour will allow you to visit some of the most secluded secret beaches here in Santa Barbara. You will also get to experience the amazing world-class real estate that is around the area. Make sure to ask for Charlie as your tour guide!

This Horseback Beach Tour is perfect for a whole family adventure or as a memorable romantic getaway. The best way to book this tour is to give Santa Barbara Horseback Beach Rides a call as they have three different time slots to choose from. Don’t forget to book this Santa Barbara Tour before making your way out, as availability goes quickly!

Classic Wine Tours of Santa Barbara

If you are looking to spend part of your time enjoying the diverse options of wine that Santa Barbara has to offer then this tour is the one for you! Classic Wine Tours of Santa BarbaraWine Tasting Santa Barbara will take you around the Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez area, as you sit back and enjoy some of the best wines in Santa Barbara County. This Tour is tailored to your own recommendations, as there are a variety of estate wineries, and tasting rooms to choose from. You will also get to indulge yourself in a classic artisan sandwich picnic at one of the estate winery stops. This tour will leave you with local knowledge, lasting memories with family and friends, and a belly full of good food and wine.

Santa Barbara Adventure Tours

If you are more of the thrill-seeking type, Santa Barbara has the perfect tours for you to experience the natural beauty while also getting your blood pumping. From ocean adventures to thrill-seeking downhill trail runs through the Santa Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara will have the perfect adventure for you! Check out these tours below to see which adventure best suits you!

Island Packers/Channel Islands Kayak Center Sea Cave ToursKayak Tours Santa Barbara

This Tour is one of my favorite things to do in Santa Barbara. There are a total of eight-channel islands that sit off of California’s Coastline with Santa Cruz Island being the closest, sitting about 28 miles off the coast. Santa Cruz Island is part of the Channel Islands National Park as the island is protected. It is at this island where you will get to kayak through the amazing sea caves and experience the true beauty that makes up this amazing National Park. There are a couple of different options for this adventure, based on your skill level and water comfortability. The Island Packers is the adventure company you will want to sign up with for the ferry trip over to Santa Cruz Island. Their shop location can be found in the Ventura Harbor. Check out the options below to see what best fits you!

Guided Kayak Tour of Santa Cruz Island
Santa Cruz Island Kayaking

If you consider yourself more of a novice Kayaker, then I would recommend signing up for a guided tour as a guide will take you at a slower pace around the island and show you the way through the beautiful sea caves. You can head down to the Channel Islands Kayak Center where you can sign up for this amazing guided sea cave kayak tour. The Channel Islands Kayak Center is located in the same harbor (Ventura Harbor) as the Island Packers storefront making it easy to locate both. Down at Channel Islands Kayak Center, Mike will help you get set up with a professional guide and kayaks to take out to Santa Cruz Island. From here you will load the kayaks onto the Island Packer’s ferry and head out with your guide leaving you with an experience you will not forget.

Channel Islands Kayak Rental Center

If you are looking for more of a thrill-seeking adventure while kayaking out at Santa Cruz Island, then I would recommend heading down to the Channel Islands Kayak Center and renting a kayak from them for the day. From here you can head over to the Island Packers storefront, as they will help load your kayak onto the Island Packer’s ferry.  Once you get out to your destination, they will unload your kayak for you and you will be off on your own to experience all the beauty this island has to offer. I would recommend speaking with Mike at the Channel Islands Kayak Center when renting your kayak. He will give you good recommendations for some of the amazing caves and views to see out at Santa Cruz Island. You won’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime adventure!

Cal Coast Adventures Mountain Bike Tours

Mountain Biking Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has numerous mountain biking options for beginners and experts alike. Here at Cal Coast Adventures we also provide exhilarating mountain bike tours for families and groups. All of our MTB tours include high-end full-suspension mountain bikes. We have numerous options for MTB tours ranging from very beginner at Ellwood Preserve, to Epic View Downhill Shuttle Tour. Make sure to ask for our awesome local tour guide, Sergio! Take a look at the different Moutain Bike Tours we have to offer below, to see which tour would best suit your ability!

Ellwood Preserve

This picturesque tour takes you along the bluffs in Goleta. You will have amazing views of the Channel Islands, including the Holly Station oil rig. You’ll also get to ride the hardpack trails through a eucalyptus grove that is filled with Monarch butterflies during migration. The Ellwood Beginner MTB Tour is mostly flat with a few ravines that have trails winding through the Ellwood preserve.  I personally recommend this tour for families with younger children that want a little more adventure in their vacation! This tour is perfect if you haven’t ridden a mountain bike in a while or it’s your first time riding.

Elings Park

Elings Park Elings Park is the primary location for our Santa Barbara MTB Tour. This park is 230 acres and is the largest privately funded park in America.  It is also made up of 7 miles of different twisting single tracks and a locally made slalom course. Elings is perfect for beginner and intermediate riders to practice their technical skills while improving fitness. The park is located on the Mesa, which provides great views of Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands on a clear day!

Downhill Epic View MTB Tour of Santa Barbara

A shuttle will take you up to the top of the trail run at 4,00 feet. From here, you will have some of the best views available of Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands.  From this breathtaking view, you will descend 2500 feet down a fire road and single track mix. You can cruise at your own pace while enjoying the exhilarating scenery along the way.  This tour is not super technical but does have some exposed sections in the ride. I would personally classify this as more of an intermediate tour.

XC/Romero MTB Tour of Santa BarbaraMTB Tours Cal Coast Adventures

This Santa Barbara Tour mixes a few different trails all connected by paved roads. This is a more intermediate-advanced level ride. It requires a lot more endurance than the Downhill Tour, but we of course will go at your pace! This tour will also give you some great views of the Islands, as well as some beautiful estates in Montecito. This tour is perfect for the thrill-seeking type while getting to experience the beauty the Santa Ynez Mountains have to offer.

Eagle Paragliding

This adventure is definitely one for the memory books. Eagle Paragliding is a professional tour company that specializes in paragliding launches throughout the Santa Barbara area. This Tour will allow you to see an amazing birds-eye view of the entire Santa Barbara County. You’ll be paragliding with a Professional, so no experience is necessary. The only limitation is weight, as you need to be under 260 pounds to fly with a guide. Make sure to ask for Rob as your tour guide. Rob has earned the title as one of Paragliding Tours Santa Barbarathe best paragliders in the world!  Check out the different paragliding options below to see what flight best interests you!

Mountain to Beach Tandem Tour

The Mountain to Beach flight is their most popular tour. In this tour, you will get to experience the beauty of both the mountains and the coastline of Santa Barbara. Eagle Paragliding will shuttle you to the top of the Santa Ynez Mountains, where you will launch from. The flight tends to be around 30 to 45 minutes in the air.   When flying along the Santa Ynez Mountain Range, you will experience breathtaking views of Santa Barbara, the Channel Islands, and the Pacific Ocean. Due to weather conditions, this tour is only available between the months of September to May. Make sure to check out their website to see their availability and time schedule!

Summer Mountain Tandem Tour

This is the most popular tour they offer in the summertime season, as it operates from May to August. This tour option will have you soaring over Santa Barbara while also experiencing a beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean. This flight takes off from their Western Skies launch area, which is near Highway 154. From this launch area, you will have some of the best views of the Channel Islands. Be sure to check out their availability on their website, as this tour fills up quickly during the summer season.

Book Your Tour Today!Mountain Biking Tours

Overall, there are plenty of fun things to do while spending time in Santa Barbara. Make sure you spice up your vacation in Santa Barbara by booking a tour.  Whether you’re visiting Santa Barbara with family, friends, or as a romantic getaway, there is a tour for every style of vacation. Taking a Santa Barbara Tour is the perfect way to create lasting memories with loved ones and friends. Be sure to sign up for a tour in advance, as tours fill up quickly, especially in the summer season.  Book your tour today, and create lasting memories with the people you love!




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