Santa Barbara Tours

If you’re looking for a tour of Santa Barbara or fun activities to do, you’ve come to the right place. Cal Coast Adventures offers fun and exciting Santa Barbara tours, adventures and rentals. You can rent a bike to explore the city at your own pace or hire a stand up paddle board to have fun at the beach. If you have never used a SUP board before, Cal Coast Adventures provides lessons at Santa Barbara’s Butterfly Beach and West Beach. Kayak and SUP rentals are available throughout the year at West Beach, and between April and September at Butterfly Beach. You also have an option for free delivery and pick up of rentals in selected areas around Santa Barbara.

There is a lot more at offer when you visit Santa Barbara.  Cal Coast Adventures provides exhilarating mountain bike tours for family and tourist groups. The bike tours include a high-end full suspension mountain bike rental which is a great value for your money. Some of the spots you should visit are Montecito, Goleta, and Santa Ynez. The Epic View Downhill tour is also popular among beginner riders.

The tour guides at Cal Coast Adventures know the terrain inside and out, and are trained to ensure your safety. You will be transported in a shuttle to an elevation of 4000 feet overlooking Santa Barbara, the Channel and Channel Islands. From this breathtaking view, you will descend 2500 feet down a fire road and single track mix. You can cruise at your own pace and enjoy the exhilarating scenery along the way. At the bottom, the tour guides will meet you and take you across some fun cross country rides.

Another fun activity to do is the Kayak tour at West Beach. You can hire a rental or join a guided tour to venture in and out of the harbor passing all onlookers from the pier and out to a buoy to see some local seals. This is a very nice and relaxing kayaking experience with amazing views of Santa Barbara and the surrounding mountains enclosing the city. The guides are available for all tours to ensure that you have a fun experience at kayaking in Santa Barbara no matter how many times you have done it before.

If you’re in mood to stroll around town, the beer and wine tour might interest you. The tour is planned around the best drinking hot-spots of Santa Barbara with insider information and exclusive deals to bring you the best value for your money. The tour begins at a local shop located at 736 Carpinteria Street Santa Barbara, and take you through hopping funk zones of downtown and a few hidden treasures off the beaten path including spectacular views that you don’t want to miss.

Looking to be a little active before you hit the town in search for the best place to get drinks? Look no further than this beer and wine tour that will take you around the drinking hot-spots of Santa Barbara, with insider information and exclusive deals thrown in as well. This tour begins at our shop located at 736 Carpinteria Street Santa Barbara and takes you through the always hopping funk zone of downtown as well as by a few treasures off the beaten path, including a view that you don’t want to miss. Cal Coast Adventures throws in a bonus of $30 worth of beer and wine tasting which is included in the tour.

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