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Santa Barbara Tours

If you’re looking for Santa Barbara tours or fun activities to do, you’ve come to the right place. Cal Coast Adventures offers fun and exciting Santa Barbara tours, adventures, and rentals. From the mountains to the sea, CCA is fully prepared to get you outside and having fun! We offer everything from Electric Bike Tours of the city to our Epic View Downhill MTB Shuttle Tour. We also offer bike rentals that allow you to explore the city at your own pace. Feeling like getting out on the water? Come rent a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) or kayak to have fun at the beach. If you have never used a SUP before, Cal Coast Adventures offers private lessons/tours at Santa Barbara’s West Beach. Kayak and SUP rentals are available throughout the year at West Beach. We also offer options for free delivery and pick up of rentals in selected areas around Santa Barbara for multi-board or multi-day rentals.

Mountain Bike Tours

Santa Barbara has numerous mountain biking options for beginners and experts alike. Cal Coast Adventures also provides exhilarating mountain bike tours for families and groups. All of our MTB tours include a high-end full-suspension mountain bike. We have numerous options for MTB tours ranging from very beginner at Ellwood Preserve, to Epic View Downhill Shuttle Tour.

Santa Barbara and Beginner MTB Tour

These two tours are for people that want to take the first step in mountain biking. We do these introductory tours at one of two locations; Ellwood Preserve or Elings Park, depending on your level of experience. Ellwood is a better location for people that have limited biking experience as a whole. The Elings Park location is more technical and has more elevation change, which makes it better for people that are more comfortable on bikes.


This picturesque tour takes you along the bluffs in Goleta. You will have amazing views of the Channel Islands, Holly Station oil rig, as well as trails that take you through a eucalyptus grove that is filled with Monarch butterflies during migration. The Ellwood Beginner MTB Tour mostly flat with a few ravines that has trails winding through the Ellwood preserve. The trails themselves are mostly hardpacked dirt. I personally recommend this tour for families with younger children that want a little more adventure in their vacation! This location is also great if you maybe haven’t been on a bike in a few years, or have never been on a mountain bike before.


Elings Park is the largest privately funded park in America (230 acres), with it’s twisting single track and locally made slalom course, Eling’s is perfect for beginner and intermediate riders to hone in their technical skills while improving fitness. The park provides great views of Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands on a clear day! While this is still an option for the beginner MTB tour, we always will talk with each client to make sure we go to an appropriate location considering the ability of each rider. This park also has over 7 miles of multi-use trails, jumps, and slalom sections. There is something for everyone to enjoy! This is the primary location for the Santa Barbara MTB Tour.

Downhill Epic View MTB Tour of Santa Barbara

The tour guides at Cal Coast Adventures know the terrain inside and out and are trained to ensure your safety. You will be transported in a shuttle to an elevation of 4000 feet overlooking Santa Barbara, the Channel Islands, as well as the beautiful mountains extending behind the Santa Lucia Mountains. From this breathtaking view, you will descend 2500 feet down a fire road and single track mix. You can cruise at your own pace and enjoy the exhilarating scenery along the way. At the bottom, the tour guides will meet you and take you across some fun cross country rides. This tour is not super difficult, but because of how exposed the trail is, and some sections that more beginners may want to walk, I would personally classify it as a more moderate rider ability level.

XC/Romero MTB Tour of Santa Barbara

This Santa Barbara Tour mixes a few different trails all connected by paved roads. This is a more intermediate-advanced level ride and requires a lot more endurance than the Downhill Tour, but we of course will go at your pace! This tour will also give you some great views of the Islands, as well as some beautiful estates in Montecito. You will see some of the most beautiful real estates in the world.

If mountain biking isn’t your style, consider meeting us at the beach for a different kind of Santa Barbara Tour!

Road Biking Tours Santa Barbara

We offer a multitude of tours through Santa Barbara on bicycles as well. We have leisurely electric bike tours, bike and beverage tours, and road biking tours that will make your legs burn! We have a tour for all ability levels, as well as all levels of exercise desired.

Leisurely Tours

Bike And Beverage Tour

If you’re in the mood to stroll around town, the Bike and Beverage tour might interest you. Look no further than this beer and wine tour that will take you around the drinking hot-spots of Santa Barbara. We will have the insider information with exclusive deals thrown in as well. This tour is planned around the best drinking hot-spots of Santa Barbara with insider information and exclusive deals to bring you the best value for your money. The tour begins at a local shop located at 736 Carpinteria Street in Santa Barbara and takes you through the hopping Funk Zone of downtown and a few hidden treasures off the beaten path including spectacular views that you don’t want to miss. The view will blow you away!

Electric Bike Tour

This tour is meant for all ages and ability levels. Truly the most fun (and easiest!) family tour we offer. Our guide will take you along the coastline of Santa Barbara, pointing out landmarks, sharing the history of Santa Barbara, as well as a few personal anecdotes as well! The tour also makes its way to downtown Santa Barbara as well as into parts of SB that you might never look to find the best coffee in town. Each of our guides has a unique style to their Electric Bike Tours so ask for someone new the next time you join us! We offer three different types of Electric Bike Tours.

We offer private Electric Bike Tours at 10 AM and 2 PM which are typically between 2.5 and 3 hours. Our Group Electric Bike Tour can be booked every day at 2 PM, although we must have at least two people to run this tour! The final option on electric bikes is our newest addition; the Beach E-Bike Tour. This is considered a normal Electric bike tour with a twist; we get to ride ON THE SAND through some secret beaches of Santa Barbara that you would never find without us. This tour is only bookable at certain times as we need a low enough tide to get around certain areas along the water. Call us to learn more!

Ocean Adventures

Another fun activity to do is the Kayak tour at West Beach. You can hire a rental or join a guided tour to venture in and out of the harbor passing all onlookers from the pier and out to a buoy to see some local wildlife. This is a very relaxing kayaking experience with amazing views of Santa Barbara and the surrounding mountains enclosing the city. Each guide’s tour is done a little differently, so they may sound different if you come back for more! Please ask us questions too! If we don’t know something during your tour, we will make sure that we know it for the next tour!

We also have the option of doing an extended “American Riviera” tour of Santa Barbara. On this tour, you will paddle more up and down the coastline searching for dolphins (sometimes whales), and other wildlife along the beautiful coastline of Santa Barbara. This two-hour tour is aptly named because of Santa Barbara’s American Riviera backdrop against the mountains.

Call us and ask us about the Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Lesson/Tour!


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