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If you have been surfing a couple of times and want to surf on your own, our surfboard and body board rentals are perfect for you. We offer a variety of boards to choose from as well as selection of body boards. If you have a specific kind of board you are looking for, just give us a call! We can source other boards from local partners if needed!

Most of our boards are softtops, but we also have 5 fiberglass boards of all shapes and sizes that provide options for all surfing abilities and breaks that San Diego has to offer. See all of our surfboard descriptions below to help find what will be the best surfboard rental for you. If you need some guidance in a board to pick, just give us a call and we will be happy to help you decide what board will suit you best.

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surfboard rental

Foam Surfboard Rental Rates:

  • 1 Day – $30
  • 2 Days – $45
  • 3 Days – $60
  • 4 Days – $75
  • 5 Days – $90
  • 6 Days –  $105
  • One Week – $120

Fiberglass Surfboard Rental Rates:  

  • 1 Day – $40
  • 2 Days – $55
  • 3 Days – $70
  • 4 Days – $85
  • 5 Days – $100
  • 6 Days –  $115
  • 1 Week – $130

Body Board (Boogie Board) Rental Rates:

  • 1 Day – $10
  • 2 Days – $20
  • 3 Days – $30
  • 4 Days – $40
  • 5 Days – $50
  • 6 Days- $60
  • 7 Days - $70

5 Surfboard Rental Options Not sure? We can help

9’ ssr

This 9’0 Storm Blade is a super user-friendly surfboard that is perfect for learning on. Surfers love this surfboard on small waves because the length helps with paddling and getting into waves easier.

8’ ssr

The 8’0 Storm Blade is narrower than other models making it a great board for learning how to turn and make maneuvers on a wave. It is still long enough for beginners to have fun but it is built for a more intermediate beginner.

This soft top board is 8’0 and perfect for beginners taking surf lessons in Encinitas. The length is great for getting into smaller waves while still being a manageable size. These boards are popular in the world of beginner surfers and fit people of all ages and sizes.

The Pyzel Shadow is 6’1” and for intermediate to advanced surfers. This high performance board is wider than the typical short board which makes it easier to paddle but still small enough to carve on a wave. This board is great for big and small waves.

The Vernor Baker is 5’10” and good for steep waves. Intermediate to advanced surfers love the maneuverability of this board. The shortness of the board helps in carving and making quick turns.


This is perfect for those who want a body or boogie board and not a surfboard. Super popular among both kids and  adults! Body boards are the perfect introduction for children before making the step onto a real surfboard.

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