See So Cal On an Electric Bike Tour!

Our San Diego Bike tours are a great way to be guided through and see the best parts of Solana Beach. We will take you on an ebike tour of the city or equip you with the best electric bike to explore on your own. Our wide selection of electric bikes allows us to help you find the perfect bike for your needs.

Electric Bike Tour Start Times and Prices

Our electric bike tours are offered at 10 am and 2 pm. These tours are about 2.5 hours long and include an electric bike, helmet, as well as a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.Each tour guide is a local and qualified individual that has experience with electric bikes and Solana Beach. Our guides are full of facts and equipped to give you the best electric bike tour experience they can!


Ride by the Coast on a Private Tour!

Private Tour Details

You can book a personal tour get to see Solana Beach with an experienced tour guide and your closest friends and/or family. This is a great option if you are with a group of people and want a more personalized tour. Each guide will go at the pace you would like and take you to their favorite local spots while also giving you the history and background to this gorgeous beach town.

Tour Price: $95 per person

Duration/ Start Time: 2.5 hours, 10am and 2pm

Includes: Helmet, Ebike, Experienced Tour Guide

Meet New People on a Group Tour!

Group Tour Details

Join a group tour and make new friends! This bike tour is an amazing way to see the beautiful city and also engage in conversations with different people. There is no better way to learn all about Solana Beach than cruising on an ebike with a local guide showing you the ropes. Meet new people and enjoy the wonders of this beach city with others!

Tour Price: $85 per person

Duration/ Start Time: 2.5 hours, 2pm

Includes: Helmet, Ebike, Experienced Tour Guide

ebike tour through torrey pines

Interact With Nature on Our Bike and Hike Tour

If you like biking and hiking this tour is perfect for you! Join us for a 2-2.5 hour bike and hike tour to the scenic views of Annie's Canyon Trail and Slot Canyon. We will start at the shop and head through Solana Beach and Cardiff by-the-Sea. When we get there we will park our bikes and begin our slow-paced hike down the trail towards the slot canyon. Please note that one portion of this hike is very steep, but we don't have to do that part of the hike if you aren't comfortable! We will have snacks for all guests to enjoy as they also enjoy some free time to explore at their leisure before heading back to the shop.

Tour Price: $95 per person

Duration/ Start Time: 2.5 hours, 10am and 2pm

Includes: Helmet, Ebike, Experienced Tour Guide

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Bike Tour in Cardiff

Experience Local Spots on a San Diego Bike Tour

As we guide you through historic Highway 101 and along the coast, you will pass through the well-known Cedro’s Design District and learn about its intricacies. From there you will head to Del Mar and hear about the racetrack and river that runs through it. Then we will go through the rail trail and see the best parts of Encinitas.

We will show you well-loved places in San Diego like Moonlight State Beach and take you the scenic route. From there we will ride through Encinitas Boat Houses and tell you the history of their architecture along with some fun facts.Then we will make our way back to Solana Beach with a couple more stops along the way! We are excited to show you these spots and even more when you take a tour with us!

Local Insight During Each Electric Bike Tour

Our tour guides are local and love Solana Beach! Each guide wants to share their love of this beach city with anyone and everyone they encounter. When you take a tour you will be able to hear about their local insight and the reasons why they think so highly of this beach city!

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