Cancellation Policy for Solana Beach Location

Now for the fun part – unfortunately, adventure companies need a cancellation policy since they’re reserving time slots and preparing equipment for you. Cancellations made within 24 hours of your reservation start time will be charged 50% and cancellations made the same day as a reservation will be charged 100% of the booking total. If you call at least 24hrs in advance to cancel or reschedule your tours, lessons, or rentals you will not be charged any fees!

We also understand that weather can sometimes be unpredictable. If weather is providing dangerous conditions due to rain or heavy wind, full refunds will be issued. However, poor weather such as clouds and colder temperatures are not cause for refund, but we are always happy to work with you to find a solution!

Damage to Bikes

When you rent our equipment you agree to the cost of repair or replacement. Cosmetic scratches, nicks, and paint chips smaller than a fingernail are ok. What incurs charges are the breakage of parts. This includes buckling, dents, and any damage done to equipment that requires the replacement of parts or drastically devalues the equipment.

We do not charge for labor and we are not in the business of profiting from damaged bikes. The charges are just to cover the cost of the parts themselves. If you treat the bikes as if it were your own, then you have nothing to worry about! Below are some of the replacement costs associated with potential damages.

Costs of Replacement Parts;

Brake/Shift Cable Wire: $3.00
Ebike Charger: $59
Grips (Pair): $10.00
Brake Levers (1 Side): $25
Kickstand: $10.00
Coiled Combo Lock: $16.00
Wheel Spoke: $2.00
Saddle: $25.00
Seat Post: $18.00
Bottom Bracket: $20.00
QR Seat Clamp: $9.00
Rear Sprocket: $35.00
Chain: $15.00

Cost of riding on the beach/sand; $150 per bike. Sand and Saltwater will get into every nook and cranny on bikes and will damage each component with the constant grinding of sand throughout the bike. We do not allow our bikes on the sand/beach and the $150 helps to cover the hours required to take apart the bike, clean each component, as well as replace components at the time of return, or as the sand continues to grind away within components that are impossible to clean fully.

If you have any questions about our cancellation policy or our guidelines for broken equipment, please feel free to reach out through our contact page, or over the phone.

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