Surf Lessons in Beautiful California

Surf culture is a huge part of southern California and this local beach town. Solana Beach is filled with surfers and surf shops because of its proximity to the ocean. Take a surf lesson with us and be a part of this fantastic surf lifestyle. We do our lessons in Encinitas at either Grandview Surf Beach or Swamis. You can also rent a surfboard and wetsuit and paddle out on your own time! We provide you with all that you will need to have the best surf experience and hope you will enjoy your surf lessons as much as we do!


Pick The Surfing Lesson That's Best For You!

1 Person Lesson

$ 105
  • Our one-person surf lesson is perfect for those that want to maximize their time catching waves and have a complete focus on their improvement as an individual surfer. This is also great for children so they can have more attention in the water in case they are not comfortable with the ocean or surfing quite yet.

2 Person Lesson

$ 85 / person
  • A two-person surf lesson is our most popular lesson and is always a hit for couples or best buds. Catching your first wave tends to bring out more excitment and "stoke" when you get to revel with your partner in your shared surfing success. We highly reccommend booking a surf lesson for two if you're looking to share the joy with someone close.

3 or 4 Person Lesson

$ 75 / person
  • We believe surfing should be a family affair and for only $75 / person you won't be disappointed with the memories and laughs that will follow. Whether you're booking for a family of 3 or a group of friends of 4 your surf instructors will certainly introduce you to the party wave. If your family stretches to 5 or more folks give us a call for a quote!

What to Expect With Each Surf Lesson?

When you book a lesson online or over the phone you will give your height and weight to us so that we can pick out the right board and wetsuit for you. Then, you will receive information regarding where to meet for your lesson. We always meet in front of the surf break we will be instructing at. When you arrive you will meet your instructor and they will have a wetsuit and surfboard for you.

The first thing we will do is suit up! Everyone will put their wetsuits on and grab their surfboards before heading down to the beach. On the sand, we will provide you with a safety briefing and teach you the basic strategies for standing up on a board. Finally, it’s time to paddle out!

In the water, you can expect to get instructions on surf technique, etiquette, and culture. After every wave, your instructor will help you learn how to improve.



San Diego Surf Lessons Start Time

Our lessons are offered at 10am, 12pm, and 2pm.  Each lesson includes 1.5 hours of instruction in the water, a wetsuit, and a specially picked surfboard that best fits your size and ability. You can expect an experienced instructor who will help you learn how to surf and  keep you safe in the water.

*Due to city regulations we are unable to provide surf lessons from memorial day to labor day but this is subject to change so you can always reach out via email or call and ask!

The Details

All lessons are 1.5 hours and include a wetsuit, surfboard, and experienced instructor. We also offer 2-hour surf lessons for those who want a little extra time in the water to sharpen their skills.


Paddle out with our San Diego Surfboard Rentals and Body Board Rentals


If you have been surfing a couple of times and want to surf on your own, our surfboard and body board rentals are perfect for you. We offer a variety of boards to choose from as well as selection of body boards.

Types of Boards For Rent

Body Board Storm Blade


This is perfect for those who want a body or boogie board and not a surfboard. Super popular among both kids and  adults!




Wavestorm (Foam Board)

This soft top board is 8’0 and perfect for beginners. The length is great for getting into smaller waves while still being a manageable size. These boards are popular in the world of beginner surfers and fit people of all ages and sizes.




Storm Blade (Foam Board)

9’ ssr modelsurf lessons storm blade

This 9’0 Storm Blade is a super user-friendly surfboard that is perfect for learning on. Surfers love this surfboard on small waves because the length helps with paddling and getting into waves easier.

8’ ssr

The 8’0 Storm Blade is narrower than other models making it a great board for learning how to turn and make maneuvers on a wave. It is still long enough for beginners to have fun but it is built for a more intermediate beginner.

Pyzel shadow (Fiber Glass)

surf boardThe Pyzel Shadow is 6’1” and for intermediate to advanced surfers. This high performance board is wider than the typical short board which makes it easier to paddle but still small enough to carve on a wave. This board is great for big and small waves.



Vernor baker  (Fiber Glass)

baker hardtop board rentalThe Vernor Baker is 5’10” and good for steep waves. Intermediate to advanced surfers love the maneuverability of this board. The shortness of the board helps in carving and making quick turns.

San Diego Surf Lessons

Fiberglass Surfboard Rental Rates:  

  • 1 Day – $40
  • 2 Days – $55
  • 3 Days – $70
  • 4 Days – $85
  • 5 Days – $100
  • 6 Days –  $115
  • 1 Week – $130

Foam Surfboard Rental Rates:

  • 1 Day – $30
  • 2 Days – $45
  • 3 Days – $60
  • 4 Days – $75
  • 5 Days – $90
  • 6 Days –  $105
  • One Week – $120

Body Board (Boogie Board) Rental Rates:

  • 1 Day – $10
  • 2 Days – $20
  • 3 Days – $30
  • 4 Days – $40
  • 5 Days – $50
  • 6 Days- $60
  • 7 Days - $70
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