Morro Bay Surf Camp

Welcome to the Cal Coast Adventures Surf Camp.

A Morro Bay summer camp hosted in Cayucos. A surf camp curated for kids to surf, smile, and stay safe.

What to Expect from Camp

Joining our Morro Bay Surf Camp offers a unique opportunity for your kids to embrace adventure, develop new skills, and build lasting friendships. Beyond mastering the waves, your kids will engage in a variety of beach activities that foster teamwork, ocean awareness, and a love for nature. Our camp is designed to build confidence and encourage kids to learn new skills, all while having the time of their lives. It's more than just a summer camp; it's an unforgettable experience that nurtures growth, independence, and a lifelong passion for the ocean.

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A Summer Camp with Everything Included

3 Hour Camp - 5 Days / Week

Camp Open to Ages 6 - 14

Experienced Camp Counselors

Simple Pricing Covers the Whole Week

4:1 Camper to Instructor Ratio

Beach Games in Addition to Surfing

Located at an Easy Surf Break

Camper Photos

Wetsuit & Surfboard Provided

Staff are CPR & First Aid Certified

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Staff Reachable by Call or Text




Why Choosing the Cal Coast Adventures Surf Camp is a No-Brainer

Our surf camp’s mission is to provide a positive environment where surfing, smiling, and safety are the priorities. Plan on campers learning the fundamentals of surfing but also learning ocean awareness and beach safety. In addition to surf lessons, our surf camp will also have daily games and activities for your children to participate in!

Surfing is truly one of the most fun activities to do in the summertime and our instructors love being able to teach and share this skill. With our student to instructor ratio at 4:1, each child will be given full attention in order to improve their surf skills. There is no doubt your child will be surfed out by the end of each day with the amount of waves they will catch.

Camp Location Details


Exit onto Cass Ave from Highway 1 in Cayucos, take your first left onto 24th street and in 1 block you will arrive at Morro Strand State Beach Day Use Area parking lot. Our camp is located on the beach out in front.

surf camp location in cayucos

Skip Summer School, Learn to Surf at Camp Instead

We Cover Everything

Here at Morro Bay Surf Camp, your children will learn all the basics of surfing and ocean safety. The instructors will go over these techniques on the sand before entering the water. Your child will learn how to use a surfboard, paddle out, catch waves, and ride all the way to the beach. They will also learn about surf etiquette and basic ocean awareness such as how the tide, wind, and swell can affect the surf. The instructors will also go over beach safety on a daily basis.

Set Up for Success Post Camp

After a full week of camp, expect your child to be able to catch their own waves and feel comfortable standing on a surfboard. Your child will also be familiar with how the tides, wind, and swell affect the surf. With this knowledge your child will be aware of when the best and safest time to surf would be. They will also build confidence in and out of the water and build new friendships!

Safety Measures In Place at Surf Camp

All Instructors have 6+ years of surf experience

Surfboards and wetsuits checked daily for quality

Safety briefings on the beach before entering the ocean

1 staff for every 4 kids for attentive instruction

All camp staff are CPR and First Aid certified

Swell, tide, and wind conditions monitored daily

Here at surf camp, all of our instructors have 6+ years of surf experience, are CPR certified, and First Aid certified. In addition, they bring with them a love for teaching children how to surf. Not only will we provide the most fun surf camp in Morro Bay, but we will also focus on safety when taking children into the ocean. The camp staff will be checking the weather report daily to ensure the day's activities are adjusted accordingly. As part of our love for surfing the staff will also inspect the gear to make sure it is safe for all campers.

A Morro Bay Surf Camp Lead by Loving Instructors

When hiring camp instructors, we look for people that are fun and outgoing, but also have plenty of experience in the water. We want your children to be taught by someone that really understands ocean safety and can improve your child’s surf skills fast. At the end of the day we look for surfers who are passionate about surfing while maintaining a patient composure. Kids carry tons of energy and we're confident our team can match it! The staff can't wait to meet your kids and share the fun of surfing together.

Surf Camp Itinerary

9:00 AM: Check-In and Preparations

  • Participants arrive and engage in essential preparations including applying sunscreen and donning wetsuits.
  • Daily warm up stretch during the safety briefing for the beach and ocean activities.

9:30 AM to 10:30 AM: Surfing!

  • This time is dedicated for various ocean activities with an emphasis on surfing.
  • Boogie boarding, body surfing, or simply splashing in the waves is also totally fun and a great way to get comfortable for those who might be timid. Our instructors are both patient and eager to cater to all interests and skill levels of our participants.

10:30 AM to 10:50 AM: Hydration Break and Recharge

  • A brief interlude for hydration and snacks. During this time, we like share the most thrilling experiences from the morning session, which builds stoke and a shared joy and excitement that inspires the next session.

10:50 AM to 11:45 AM: Continued Surfing and Alternative Beach Activities

  • This segment offers continued surfing opportunities for enthusiasts, alongside a selection of beach games for those seeking variety.
  • Activities include: sandcastle construction, beach excavation, frisbee, football, relay races, shell collection and more!

11:45 AM to 12:00 PM: Clean-Up and Environmental Stewardship

  • The concluding phase of our day emphasizes environmental responsibility.
  • All participants partake in tidying the beach, ensuring that equipment is returned, sand structures are leveled, and any debris is properly disposed of. We advocate for leaving the beach pristine for future visitors, although exceptions can be made for unique shell or rock finds as tokens of the experience.

2024 Summer Camp Dates Open for Sign Ups!

Camp Dates

  • June 17 – 21
  • June 24 – 28
  • July 1 – 5
  • July 8 – 12
  • July 15 – 19
  • July 22 – 26
  • July 29 – August 2
  • August 5 – 9

Camp Schedule & Pricing

Monday - Friday

9:00 AM Drop Off

12:00 PM Pick Up

$375 per camper

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