Central Coast Bike Tour

Our Central Coast bike tours have been one of Morro Bays' # 1 rated activities since we started, and they continue to be our most popular excursion. 

The electric assisted bikes make it enjoyable for all levels of fitness.  Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, or simply just want something enjoyable to do, the route has something fun for everyone.

Tours Available Daily

Custom Routes Designed by Locals

Amazing Photo Opportunities

Private Tour Experience

Eco-Friendly E-Bikes


Private Tours: $105 per person

just you, your friends or family, and your tour guide

Group Tours: $95 per person

join other travelers on your exploration of Morro Bay

Start Times

Private Tours: 10:00 am

if 10am is tough give us a call to request a custom time

Group Tours: 2:00 pm

please arrive between 1:40 pm and 1:50 pm for the group tour

Searching Availability...

Searching Availability...

What's Included in our Morro Bay Electric Bike Tour

The tour price includes the bikes, helmets if desired or required by age, and the tour guide.  The electric bikes are easy to ride and only take a few minutes to get adjusted before you start your tour. All you need to bring is good biking attire and your phone for photos.

Well-Maintained Electric Bike

Experienced Local Tour Guide

Helmets & Water

2.5 Hours of Adventure!

Central Coast Bike Tour Details

A Morro Bay bike tour is a great way to see the nearby sites and cover lots of ground. During our tours, our guides will lead you through town and take you to all the highlights. Our guides are all locals and a great resource for history and wildlife information!  You can also simply take in the views and learn how to connect to all your favorite areas by bike!

Private vs. Group

Our morning tours are all private so it will just be you and your family or friends. This will enable us to make the tour more custom to what you and your party is looking to get out of the 2.5 hours of riding time. Make your preferences known to your guide and they will do their best to show you the areas you are hoping to see and will always go at your pace. Our Private E Bike Tour has a 2-person minimum.

If you'd like to enjoy our Morro Bay bike tour with others please book the afternoon group tour. This is the best option for solo travelers hoping to book a guided tour and connect with other locals/visitors.

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Sarwat S

Google Reviewer

We had such a blast on this tour. It's really the best way to see all the best parts of Morro Bay. Totally worth the price! Plus Nate and Hannah, the brother/sister team, are so friendly, thoughtful and nice. We'll definitely be back!

What to expect from our electric bike tours

Our guides are locals who will be able to give you an inside perspective to the surrounding areas as well as the best places to explore or dine! They will also have the ability to change the routes depending on your interests and preferred riding style and time frame.

Once you're group has arrived we'll fill out waivers, offer helmets, and go over bike usage and safety. After you and your group feel comfortable, you will have 2.5 hours of ride time. Your guide will be able to navigate you through town and take you to the best sites! You will view spots like the State Park, Downtown, the Sea Otter sanctuary, and much more. Please ask your tour guide if there is something specific that you would like to see on tour, and we will try and make it happen.

If you want to be more independent and would like to explore on your own, you can always rent a bike from us instead.

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Tell me about the ebike I'll ride

We have 3 different ebike models for you to choose from for your bike tour. Specialized, Rad Power, and Aventon.

Our most popular selection is the Rad Rover from Rad Power as the wide fat tires provide excellent comfort and stability. For tour goers looking for a simpler electric bike we reccommend the Rad Runner. This bike has smaller wheels and sits lower to the ground for easier stability and an approachable fit for smaller riders.

If you've booked our Morro Bay bike tour hoping for an upbeat ride then our Specialized Turbo Comos will be your faithful stead. These beauties are quick, lightweight, and nimble. These bikes make a great pairing with riders who are avid cyclists or bike tour participants interested in a specialized bike demo.

You won't need to decide which electric bike you wish to ride before we meet at the shop. If you have a preference please mention this in the additional notes section when booking on this page. Otherwise, we will chat with you about which bike will be the best one for you in order to achieve a successful central coast bike tour experience.

For more details on our electric bikes please check out our bike rental page.

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rad runner ebike rental
ebike rental

The tour will start at the Central Coast Bike Tour shop at 575 Embarcadero on the waterfront of Morro Bay.

At our shop, we require a minimum age of 14 yrs old / and a height of at least 4’11.

The Central Coast bike tour route has several bike paths; however, to access them from our shop, you must ride on shared roads with traffic. For that reason, we have set the minimum age to 14.

Our hope is to get everyone in the family out riding together for our Morro Bay bike tours.  We have a few types of child seats that mount to the back of our bikes, allowing infants up to 45 pounds to be securely buckled and seated.  Our next option is our bikes with buddy seats on the back.  We have a few different models with a rear bench seat, pegs, and handlebar so that a child capable of holding on can tag join you as co-pilot on the back!!  See our RadWagon bike on our rental page for reference. These bikes can carry a combined weight of rider and buddy 275 lbs or less.

Helmets are required if you're under 18 years of age but they are not required if you're 18 years of age or older. Helmets are provided complimentary for anyone that would like one!

Yes! Our E-bikes are all pedal-assist electric bikes so you can choose to use a little bit of power to get help but still get a mild workout, or use the bike's full power boosting up to 20mph! Or turn it off and pedal like a normal bike!

In short, E-bikes feel and ride much as a regular bike would.  However, the bikes are heavier and require as much control as a normal bike would, if not a little more. If you have not ridden a regular bicycle before, you should not start on an E-bike.  If you have ridden a bike before and feel comfortable with the normal functions such as, braking, turning, and pedaling, you will be comfortable on an ebike!  Electric bikes are designed to feel and look just like your normal bike at home. Hand brakes on the handlebars, pedals for your feet, and a normal sitting position.  This makes them super easy to get used to.  The biggest difference will be the weight of the bike and the electric motor options.  Most e-bikes offer pedal assist functions which only apply motor help as you turn the pedals.  Some brands have both pedal assist as well as a twist throttle function like a motorcycle.  This would allow the rider to move without turning their legs.  E-bikes help riders cover much more ground in a shorter amount of time, so we feel they are the best option for a Central Coast Bike Tour!

The Central Coast Bike Tour is very leisurely, so specific biking gear is not required.  However, we do recommend that you bring closed-toed shoes for the protection of your feet and a warm sweater or layer.  Some of the bikes will have bags outfitted, allowing you to bring an extra sweater or layer with you.  Since electric bikes lessen the amount your body has to work, you won't get as warm as you would pedaling a normal bike.  For our afternoon tours, the ocean breeze can also get chilly.

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