Morro Bay Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons are 1.5 hours long and include all the gear you need. Surfboard, Wetsuits, and Instructor.

All surf lessons are private so it will be just you, your family or friends and the instructor.

1 Person Surf Lesson $120
2 Person Surf Lesson $95 / person
3-4 Person Surf Lesson $75 / person
5+ Person Surf Lesson $65 / person

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1 Person Surf Lesson

The 1 person surf lesson maximizes your learning potential as the instructor will be able to focus solely on you and what you need to progress.

Perfect for someone looking to get specific guidance and hone their skills to take them to the next level.

One person lessons are also great for young children ensuring they will have constant attention making the experience as fun as possible!

2 Person Surf Lesson

This is a great lesson for couples and friends looking to share in the memories. You will all still get plenty of personal instruction out of the lesson.

During the time you will be paddling back out after catching a wave, the instructor is able to give the other participant. Our instructors give personalized coaching and help people get better at catching waves.

Watching your friend or family member learn and take waves is also helpful for your own surfing!

3-4 Person Surf Lesson

There's no such thing as a 3rd wheel in surfing. There will still be plenty of personal instruction and wave catching in this lesson.

Three people are still easily handled with 1 instructor. More people can even add extra encouragement and support of your fellow surfers who will be learning with you!

5+ Person Surf Lesson

The 4 person or more surf lesson is not only a blast, it's a non-stop, action packed, surfing extravaganza.

You’ll either be getting the praise of your friends when you ride a wave or laughed at by the peanut gallery if you tumble.

Don’t worry you will still learn so much from the lesson and get plenty of time with the instructor(s) while in the water and on the beach. We will add instructors as needed to accommodate the number of people or the age differences and abilities.

Lesson Start Times

10:00 AM

12:15 PM

2:30 PM

Lesson Locations

We teach Surf Lessons in Morro Bay everyday. We also teach Surf Lessons in Cayucos as well. Depending on current surf conditions, location may vary to make sure we are surfing the best waves possible.

Everything Included

1.5 Hours of private instruction



Experienced Instructor

Morro Bay Surf Lesson Details

The lesson will start on the sand. An experienced instructor will give a safety talk as well as an overview of surf conditions and techniques for how to stand up. After the briefing, we will run straight to the water where you will get over an hour of ocean time with the instructor. Most people don’t realize how tiring surfing can which is why we have found an hour of paddling and surfing to be the perfect amount of time for most students to progress. Our instructors will help guide you out to the line up as well as help push you into waves and coach your techniques. Our instructors are important because they provide the constant watch of an ocean professional to make sure you’re not only learning correctly but also safe the entire time.

Wetsuits and Warmth

Morro bay surf lessons are taught year-round and we carry thick full wetsuits to ensure you stay warm even in the winter months. We believe learning to surf should not only be fun, but it should be a professional and informative experience as well. This belief why our instructors have not only spent countless hours in the water but they have also studied and trained to ensure you will be receiving the best coaching possible.

Most of our students are first-timers or beginners. For this reason we specialize our equipment and coaching to make sure you’re not only safe but on the best equipment as well. The boards are made of foam with reinforced stingers and tough exterior coatings that make them safe to learn on without losing their performance. Our wetsuits are 4mm thick and made by Ripcurl, one of the world's top surfing brands.

Morro bay surf lessons are a great way to enjoy the surrounding beauty, create lasting memories, and learn something new!


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