Road Bike Tours and Road Bike Rentals in Santa Barbara

Perfect Destination for the Road or Mountain Biker in Your Family

As Winter hits most of the country Santa Barbara will maintain an average high in the 60’s – perfect cycling weather. Even in our worst weather months Santa Barbara is one of the best cities in the country for planning a memorable bike ride. This winter cycling destination is where riders enjoy escaping their cold, wet, and possibly snowy conditions at home. Come visit to see for yourselves!
Santa Barbara’s mountains quickly rise up over 4,000 feet just a few miles from the ocean. If you consider yourself a road biker that enjoys a good climb you can ride from anywhere in Santa Barbara and within 4-6 miles begin some pretty epic climbs with ocean and island views including both Gibraltar and Painted Cave. For those road bikers that prefer a more leisurely ride we have some hilly terrain that offer great real estate shopping through Montecito and Hope Ranch. Mountain Biking Santa Barbara offers riders 2 fun beginner / intermediate spots but the city is known more for its technical, rocky, and steep trails. Santa Barbara provides advanced mtb riders with amazing rides that will easily fill a weeks’ worth of vacation. Our best trails depend on who is recommending them but some shop favorites are Jesusita, Cold Springs, Romero, and a back country trail called Camuesa Connector Trail. A close local favorite is a fun park in town (Elings Park) that is flowy with small jumps and berms; this is a good spot for beginners that enjoy a cardio workout or for advanced riders that want to work on skills and have a bit of fun.
It’s easy to see why cycling has taken hold in Santa Barbara over the decades. This is bike friendly area boasts one of the countries top bike-commuter cities per capita. For those looking to visit Santa Barbara and get some cycling in Cal Coast Adventures can help. We have the largest bike rental fleet here. We rent carbon road bikes (qty 30), full suspension mountain bikes (qty 15) ranging from alloy to carbon. The bikes come with most accessories you’ll need such as bottles, a full saddle bag with a spare tube and pumping accessories, a helmet, and lastly different types of road and mountain bike pedals. Hope to see you at the bike shop soon!

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