Our Gear Rentals


Enjoy the Best Equipment!

We offer some of the highest end equipment you can get anywhere and generally much nicer than any place will rent. Since our focus remains on your safety, proper biomechanics and form we offer a wide variety of equipment to suite all levels from beginners that just want to be comfortable and enjoy the experience to athletes looking for performance. Our mountain bikes are mainly cross-country full suspension Giant Reign’s, Yetti’s, Specialized, and Rocky Mountains. The stand up paddleboards range from one of the most stable 36 inch wide boards on the market perfect for any beginner to one of the fastest unlimited 18’6” race boards. This wide range of boards allows us to teach anyone how to stand up paddle and then progress them to paddleboard yoga, paddleboard resistance training, and even racing. Our kayaks include Tarpon 140’s and Hobie Quest’s; both known for their speed and comfort with large supporting backrests.

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