Electric Fun!

When we first started renting bikes at Cal Coast 7 years ago we started with a small fleet of road bikes, mountain bikes and just a couple Electric bikes. As the years went by we quickly realized we were going to need more electric bikes to keep up with demand! They are just too much fun and have gained popularity with all types of riders. Pedegos electric bikes was the first brand that we went with and since then we have tried multiple makes and models until finally finding our all around favorite bike, the Townie Go be Electra. The Townie go is not only
super extremely user friendly and easy to operate, it also has one of the longest battery life’s and strongest motors in the game.

One of the many benefits of renting an electric bike or joining an electric bike tour is the sheer amount of ground you will be able to easily cover. Santa Barbara is a relatively small town however it is rather spread out along the coastline. Many of our clients only have a few hours or half of a day to spend exploring which is not enough time to connect the main attractions by traditional pedaling. By utilizing the electric assist, we have found that you can easily find your way around the water front, historical sights, and quite foothill roads all within a timely matter.

Another one of the great benefits of the electric bikes is that it allows groups or couples of mixed abilities to complete the same rides together. I love seeing elite cyclist gear up on a carbon road bike and having friends or spouses who seldom ride joining them on an electric bike. The battery life and strength of the motor easily allows you to keep up with even your most advanced cycling friends and with the adjustable assist modes you can still get a great
workout in yourself!

Whether you’re looking to join a tour and learn more about the city or take off on your own you’ve got to come over and try one for yourself! Trust me, you’re going to love it.

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