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bike rentals in santa barbara

Top of the Line Bike Rentals for an Excellent Price

Cal Coast Adventures is a rental and tour company located in Santa Barbara, California. They are offering customers unique adventures such as bike rentals, surf lessons, Stand up paddle board lessons, and mountain bike tours. For more information or to book an adventure go to

Bike Rentals at Cal Coast Adventures
Are you looking for a fun, safe, and exciting adventure that can be enjoyed by the whole family? Or maybe you are looking for a good first date option to show that special someone how adventurous you can be? Well, look no further because Cal Coast Adventures has just the thing.
For less than $100 a day (and discounted rates for multiple-day rentals) you can rent a top of the line road bike and begin your adventure, checking out some of the amazing views that Santa Barbara has to offer.

What’s included in the offer?
• Your choice of bike rental
• Road Maps to help get you to your destination
• Delivery and Pick up of bicycles
• Helmet
• Road bike pedals
• Water bottles
• And rentals of four days or more come included with a floor pump for no extra charge

Some questions you might have:

Do I need any tools in case of a bike malfunction?
All the bikes will come included with a saddlebag of equipment such as a pump, mini tool, tire levers, and 1 tube. Of course, you are free to bring more tools if you want.

Must I wear a helmet while riding a bike?
Yes. All of the renters are required to wear a helmet while operating their bicycles. Helmets are provided with every rental so you will not need to have your own available.

Do I need to reserve a bike beforehand?
No. However, if you would like to ensure you get the bike of your choosing then a reservation is recommended, but not necessary.

What if I change my mind and want to keep the bike for longer than I first anticipated?
Easy. Let them know and they will do whatever they can to extend your rental duration to as long as you would like. This is not guaranteed, but because of the amount of bikes that they carry they are more than likely able to extend the time of your road bike rental or get you another bike of the same size if your current bike is already reserved.

So if you are looking for the perfect adventure for your next outing then don’t delay and visit Also, you can stop by or give them a call at 805-628-2444 to book an adventure you are sure to enjoy. Our team will be happy to show you some great riding recommendations!

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