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Top of the Line Bike Rentals for an Excellent Price

Cal Coast Adventures is the premier rental and tour company in Santa Barbara, California. Santa Barbara is well known for its beautiful coastline, thriving wine industry, and the stunning Santa Lucia Mountains. They are offering unique adventures that utilize these big three attractions in the Santa Barbara area. Cal Coast Adventures provides top of the line bike rentals and tours for every kind of traveler, or local! We treat every client better than the last. We can’t wait to take you out for your next adventure! Cal Coast Adventures has no shortage of bikes to rent and have a wide variety of options. For more information and to book a bike rental or adventure, head over to

Bike Rentals at Cal Coast Adventures

Are you looking for a fun, safe, and exciting adventure that can be enjoyed by the whole family? Or maybe you are looking for a good first date option to show that new special someone how adventurous you are? Well, look no further because Cal Coast Adventures has every option you could ever want for a bike rental. Their high-end full carbon road bikes will have everything you need to go on a serious ride through Santa Barbara and beyond. They also have more casual options for people that just need two wheels beneath them!

For less than $100 a day (and discounted rates for multiple-day rentals) you can rent a top of the line full carbon road bike and begin your adventure. A bike rental is the best way to check out the amazing vistas that Santa Barbara has to offer. We have coastal bike routes as well as mountains with an elevation gain of over 25o0 feet for people looking for more of a workout! We offer different bikes for different style riding styles and ability levels. If you are looking for something more casual, we also much more affordable options, such as our 7-speed beach cruisers. The cruisers are just $10 an hour, $25 for three hours, or $35 for the whole day! They also carry hybrid bikes for something more in between.

What’s included in road bike rentals from Cal Coast Adventures?

– Road Bike.
– Road Maps.
– Delivery and Pick up (multi-day or multi-bike rentals).
– Helmet.
– Pedals (Shimano MTB SPD’s, Shimano SPD-SL Road Bike Pedals, Look Keo, Speedplay, and platforms & toe cages).
– Cal Coast Adventures Water Bottles to use
– Rentals for three days or more include a floor pump.

domane road bike

– Please note that we do NOT provide a bike lock with any of our high-end bikes. They are meant to be ridden and not locked up in public.

BONUS for Bike Rentals!

If you are looking for more guidance on where to ride in Santa Barbara, we will have plenty of recommendations. You also can head over to our sister company’s website ( to find both road biking and mountain biking routes in the Santa Barbara area. We want to make sure that you have everything you need to have an amazing ride either along the coastline or to the top of the mountains! If nothing catches your eye on our website regarding the routes, feel free to ask us for more personalized recommendations! Our wonderful employees and tour guides are also happy to give y’all recommendations on beer/wine/food and other points of interest.

Bike Rental FAQ:

What kind of bikes do you carry for rentals?

The majority of our fleet consists of Specialized brand Roubaix full carbon road bikes. We carry different versions of the Roubaix ranging from their Sport model to the Expert and Comp models as well. Some will have disc vs. rim brakes and mechanical vs. Di2 electronic shifting. Just ask us for specific sizes/components, or you can check them out on our website! If you head over to our main rental page you can see the more complete specifications and sizes on the bikes we offer. We also have three 2020 Trek Domane bikes (54cm, 56cm, 58cm) SL6 with Ultegra and disc brakes.

What dimensions can you adjust on my bike rental?

We would be happy to set your height (saddle to middle of the bottom bracket) as well as the reach on the bike. Due to the many nuances of different bikes, we are often not even able to make other adjustments without switching handlebars, seat posts, cranks, etc. If there is a very specific measurement that you would like you are more than welcome to ask. We are happy to try and make it happen, but the only measurements we always do are height and reach. You may want to plan your pickup with some time to spare in case we need to swap the stem for you and get a more accurate reach dimension.

roab bike rental geometry and sizing

What happens if I get a flat tire or some other kind of mishap during my bike rental?

All the bikes will come set up with a saddlebag and patch kit. The patch kit includes 2 CO2 canisters with an adapter, multi-tool, tire levers, and 1 tube. If you have the bike for a long-term rental, you are also welcome to bring it back into our shop for a tune-up if needed. We always get the bike set up for you when you pick it up (or get it delivered), but cable stretch and normal use sometimes requires periodic maintenance.

Must I wear a helmet while riding a bike?

Maybe! You are not required to wear a helmet by California law if you are over the age of 18, although we always recommend it. Helmets are complimentary regardless of age for every rental so you will not need to bring your own unless you want to. We have always sanitized our helmets after every use, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued this protocol.

Are the bikes sanitized?

Yes! If anyone touches a bike, we always spray and wipe with a disinfectant that kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. We are also happy to sanitize again in front of you in case you don’t trust us!

Do I need to reserve a bike beforehand?

We always recommend that you make a reservation for the carbon road bikes. Sizing is very specific on road bikes and reserving the bike online ensures that we have it available for you. This way we will have the bike set up with pedals, water bottles, and patch kit ready when you arrive. However, if you would like to just show up at the shop and see what we have available, you are more than welcome to do so! We would be happy to show you the different options we have in stock. To ensure you get the bike of your choosing then a reservation is recommended, but not always necessary.

Can I extend my bike rental?

Absolutely. We are happy to extend your rental as long as the bike you have isn’t reserved already. We will do whatever we can to extend your rental duration to as long as you would like. Because of the number of bikes we carry, we are more than likely able to extend the time of your road bike rental. We will get you another bike of the same size if your current bike is already reserved, depending on availability.

Do you ever sell your used rental bikes?

Yes! During a normal year, we often sell our road bikes that are around 2 years old, depending on the frequency of use. The current COVID-19 Pandemic has led many people to buy bikes this year. This means there is currently a bike shortage, and we are unable to replace most of our bike fleet.

Do you offer insurance for damage/theft for bike rentals?

Unfortunately, we do not offer insurance on any of our bikes. We do not offer insurance on our bikes because insurance gives people a sense that they can disrespect our bikes. Additionally, we must make a credit card hold of $2000 on all Carbon Road Bike rentals via Stripe. We have had bikes stolen off our lot and this is to ensure that we get our bikes back and in good condition. We want to keep being able to provide rentals at an affordable price!

But do clients really like Cal Coast Adventures’ bike rentals?

Absolutely! Here is what Karajean said about us on Google back in June of 2020:

“5 Stars! Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality

The staff was extremely friendly and prepared. Since this was one of the first times bicycle rentals were open as a result of COVID-19, they were very clear on what to do online and when we showed up, the were super responsive to get us exactly what we needed. The staff worked well together and had clear plans to ensure all was cleaned. They even selected bikes for us to make it easier to keep track of the group. They also allowed out children to use their restroom. They went out of their way to serve us with great attitudes.

We thrive on providing the best possible customer service and the highest quality bikes to ensure that your group enjoys your bike rental from us.
So if you are looking for the perfect adventure for your next outing then don’t delay and visit Stop by or give them a call at 805-628-2444 to book an adventure you are sure to enjoy. Our team will be happy to show you some great riding recommendations!

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